2003 N.G.A. Annapolis Drug-Free

Bodybuilding Results

On Sunday, June 22, 2003 approximately 50 competitors competed at the new location, Broadneck High School, in Annapolis, MD, for the 23rd anniversary of this event. While the number of competitors was somewhat down based on past years, the quality of the athletes was great. The delays attributable to finding a new location for the event was probably the biggest factor in this prestigious event having a smaller turnout, but now that the event has a new home, it is anticipated that next year it will resume its past successes. As has been the history of this event, it has always been a live judged. The contest commenced at its 1PM start time and was completed by 5PM. For the athletes, since it is a shorter day, this live judged format is always a hit. The prejudging and finals occur in at one time (quarter turns, compulsory poses, free posing routine to music, and then the awards). Harry Silas performed an outstanding job from the stage as Master of Ceremonies, and the judging staff performed under the direction of head judge, Gary Jackson. If you are looking for a competitors event, don't miss this one.

Novice Men Lightweight

1. Michael Kaplan

2. Andy McCauley

Novice Men Middleweight

1. Walter Leamy

2. David Vicenty

Novice Men Heavyweight

1. Ronald Booker

2. Shaun Witriol

3. Bob Colbroth

Novice Women

1. Elizabeth Sterna

2. Sarah Doheny

3. Keisha Williams

Masters Men 35 to 49 Lightweight

1. Kent Bierly

2. Joseph Viteritti

3. Michael Kaplan

4. Joey Queen

5. Leroy (Jeff) Jefferson

Masters Men 35 to 49 Heavyweight

1. Steve Hines

2. Curt Savage

3. David Moore

4. Harrison Parker Jr.

5. Michael Singleton

Masters Men 50 & over

1. Henry C. Lancaster, Sr.

2. Bob Colbroth

Masters Women 35 & over

1. Linda W. Carpenter

2. Elizabeth Sterna

3. Verna Velez

4. Joanne Gallo

5. Terry Brosche

Open Women Lightweight

1. Linda W.Carpenter

2. Patricia Bassey

3. Joanne Gallo

Open Women Middleweight

1. Terry Brosche

Open Women Heavyweight

1. Verna Velez

Open Men Middleweight

1. Joey Queen

2. Russell R. Lewis

3. Leroy (Jeff) Jefferson

Open Men Light Heavyweight

1. Kent Bierly

2. Steve Hines

3. Joseph Viteritti

4. Harrison Parker Jr.

5. Ryan Henson

Open Men Heavyweight

1. Curt Savage

2. David Moore

3. Michael Singleton

4. Henry C. Lancaster, Sr.

5. Steven Blackstone


OVERALL NOVICE CHAMPION - Michael Kaplan (Visalia, CA)

OVERALL WOMEN'S OPEN CHAMPION - Linda Carpenter (Ashburn, VA)