The 2003 N.G.A. Mt. Rogers Drug Free Bodybuilding Championships

On November 22, 2003 40 athletes competed in Roanoke, VA at the 28th anniversary of the N.G.A. Mt. Rogers Drug Free Bodybuilding Championships. While the Mt. Rogers turnout was somewhat off from its past numbers, due to last year's postponement attributable to promoter Dave Spindel's daughter's accident, this year's event featured a very high quality field of competitors. As always, the show was run very professionally - the prejuding started exactly at its posted 12:30 start time, and was completed by 2PM. The finals started at 7PM and were completed by 9:40PM (including a 20 min. intermission). This year every class winner was presented with a $100 gift pack of products from ProTan. And, for the first time in the past 5 years, even with athletes representing many states, the event saw all of the overalls won by residents of Virginia. With the addition of the figure division next year, and the high quality of this year's event, next year's Mt. Rogers looks to be as big as ever. Don't miss this one!!

Contest Results 
Womens Novice Place
  Lisa B. Jackson 1
  Kelley Pulliam 2
  Chris O'Mealey 3
Mens Novice Lightweight Place
  Thomas E. Grant, Jr. 1 Novice Overall
Mens Novice Middleweight Place
  Mike  Lumsden 1
  Steve Hurst 2
Mens Novice Heavyweight Place
  Nick  Stoyko 1
  Brandon C. Childs 2
Womens Masters 35+ Place
  Peggy Hayes 1
  Lisa W. Hamm 2
  Ute M. Carter 3
  Kelley Pulliam 4
  Chris O'Mealey 5
Mens Masters 35+ Light Place
  Thomas E. Grant, Jr. 1
  Mike  Lumsden 2
  Jerome Hamm 3
  Wendell Sparrow 4
Mens Masters 35+ Heavy Place
  Lawrence  Philpott 1 Masters Overall
  Randy Glass 2
  Alphonso "Skip" Gillon, Jr. 3
Mens Masters 50+ Place
  Tom Shrader 1
Mens Masters 40+ Pro Qualifier Place
  Lawrence  Philpott 1
Womens Open Middle Place
  Tabatha Ray 1
Womens Open Heavy Place
  Peggy Hayes 1 Open Overalll & Best Poser
  Lisa W. Hamm 2
  Dawn M.  Thompson 3
Mens Open Light Place
  Tony Martin 1
  Jerome Hamm 2
  Wendell Sparrow 3
Mens Open Middle Place
  Derek Harris 1 Mens Open Overall
  Brian Whitacre 2
  Randy Glass 3
Mens Open Light Heavy Place
  Harold L. Kelly 1 Mens Best Poser
  Jamvier Robinson 2
Mens Open Heavy Place
  Alphonso "Skip" Gillon, Jr. 1