The 24th anniversary of the Annapolis Championships brought athletes in to Broadneck H.S., in Annapolis, MD on June 20th. For more than two decades, this event has been run on Sunday and as a live judged event. This year the event date coincided with Fathers Day which probably cut down the spectator crowd a bit, however, it did not stop a crowd of 300 from watching 65 competitors. The event, which for the first time in the mid-Atlantic N.G.A. region, featured competitors from as far away as Florida and Ohio, and also presented the first Fitness Figure event in our region with 8 very high quality competitors. The judging panel was led by Gary Jackson for the bodybuilding divisions and Tracy Sibley for the Fitness Figure division. The guest Master of Ceremonies for the event was Harry Silas. From an athletes viewpoint, the Annapolis always sees a large returning of competitor alumni, since it is a live judged event (the prejudging and finals are run simultaneously). The event started at its posted start time of 1PM and was completed with all trophies presented by 5:15PM. If you are looking for a professionally run competitor-friendly event, then don't miss this one.

Mens Novice Lightweight

1 Matthew Feigleson

2 Eric Strickland

3 Paul Gayle

4 Andrew Chanthaphone

5 Tom Fox

Mens Novice Middleweight

1 Hollister Struck - OVERALL MENS NOVICE

2 Alberto Bautista

3 Ronald W. Richardson Jr.

4 Ronald Booker

Mens Novice Heavyweight

1 Dave Jenkins

2 Gabriel Lamptey

3 Cedric Teamer

4 David Vicenty

Womens Novice

1 Christine O'Mealey

2 Anna Marie Bruce

3 Linda George

Masters Men 35+ Lightweight

1 Joey Queen

2 S. Bradley Stearns

3 Paul Gayle

4 Langston Lewis

Masters Men 35+ Heavyweight

1 Joseph Viteritti - OVERALL MENS MASTERS

2 David Moore

3 Nicholas Santiago

Masters Men 50+

1 Jeff Wark

Masters Pro Posedown

1 David Moore - MASTERS PRO CARD

2 S. Bradley Stearns

3 Nicholas Santiago

4 Jeff Wark

5 Langston Lewis

Masters Women 35+

1 Joanne Gallo

2 Christine O'Mealey

3 Karen Poyner

Open Women Lightweight

1 Jennifer Brango - WOMENS OPEN OVERALL

2 Lee Ann Cahill

3 Karen Poyner

Open Women Middleweight

1 Joanne Gallo

Open Mens Lightweight

1 Micheal Vuong

2 Micheal Blackson

Open Mens Middleweight

1 Matthew Petrarca - MENS OPEN OVERALL

2 Garrett Rhodes

3 Joey Queen

4 Anthony Blake

Open Mens Lightheavyweight

1 Joseph Viteritti

2 Greg Matlock

3 Kenny Shaver

Open Mens Heavyweight

1 Sherman Newton

2 David Moore

3 Nicholas Santiago

4 Ronald Hawkins

Womens Fitness Figure

1 Laura Moore

2 Pamela Lehmann

3 Sharree Ryder

4 Cheri Lewis

5 Vanessa Nonneman