2004 N.G.A. Mt. Rogers

Bodybuilding & Fitness Figure Championships

The 29th anniversary of this event saw over 60 athletes from 10 states compete for National's qualification in the Mens and Womens Open divisions and Pro-Cards in the Masters, and Fitness Figure Divisions. As has been the standard in drug-free contests in the Mid Atlantic Region, the quality of the competition at this event was extremely high. The Prejudging of the event was completed in two hours under the head judging of Gary Jackson for the bodybuilding divisions, and Tracy Sibley for the fitness figure divisions. The Finals, which started at 7PM and were completed by 10:10PM, were MC'd by promoter Dave Spindel, who has MC'd events throughout the world for the past decade. In addition to some very tight and great athlete competition, the enthusiasm of the audience of approximately 500 coupled with the sound provided by Mid Atlantic Sound (Jeff Blackford, Sound Engineer) drove the levels of excitement to record levels. Finally, to cap off the event, the annual Post Contest Pizza Party, with free entry to all the competitors, provided the perfect celebration of the completion of the 2004 contest season.

Dana Wright, came in to the Mt. Rogers in greatly improved condition following her past Marine Corp. shows in Okinawa, won the Womens Novice and Masters classes. Greg Goebel won the overall in a very tough Novice Class. The Fitness Figure Division, which continues to feature an incredible group of competitors witnessed an amazingly tight Short class. But when the dust cleared, the class winner was Vanessa Nonnenman, with amazing quad/hamstring separation and great conditioning. Her class win over two highly conditioned competitors, Sherrie Ryder and Lori Pickering, thrust her into the overall, where she won her Pro Card. This year the Mens Masters Overall was captured John Cubit, the heavyweight division winner, who edged out the greatly improved Randy Glass, by one point. The 2004 Womens Open Overall went on a unanimous verdict to Tabitha Ray. The Mens Open Division featured some very tough competitors throughout the classes, but in the end Lightweight class winner Carlen Charleston, just back from his military commitment in Iraq, won the overall. With a great event ending the 2004 contest season, following the holiday break, attention turns to the 2005 schedule and the 30th Anniversary of the Mt. Rogers.

Womens Novice

1 Dana K. Wright

2 Jamie Bundlie

3 Kate Stowe

4 Kathy J. Sewell

5 Toshiro Stovall

Mens Novice Lightweight

1 Matt Allison

2 Christopher Hixon

3 Earl S. Holland

4 Jason Wagner

Mens Novice Middleweight


2 Todd Marquis

3 Alberto Bautista

Mens Novice Heavyweight

1 Richard Durden

2 Aaron Riddle

3 Andre Archibald

Womens Masters

1 Dana K.Wright

2 Lisa B. Jackson

3 Lisa Hamm

4 Kate Stowe

5 Diane Day

Mens Masters 35+ Lightweight

1 Randy Glass

2 Randy Hall

3 Michael Lumsden

4 Jerome Hamm

5 Earl S. Holland

Mens Masters 35+ Heavyweight


2 David Moore

3 Keith A. Rissolo

4 James E. Johnson, Jr.

5 Greg Goebel

Mens Masters 50+

1 Maitland Nance

2 J.W. Hicks

3 Bruce Richardson

Fitness Figure Short


2 Sharree Ryder

3 Lori Pickering

Fitness Figure Tall

1 Christine Gosselin

2 Genevieve Holgate-Palmer

3 Jaci Logue

Womens Open Lightweight


2 Latoya McFarland

Womens Open Heavyweight

1 Lisa B. Jackson

2 Lisa Hamm

3 Diane Day

Mens Open Lightweight

1 Carlen T. Charleston (MENS OPEN OVERALL WINNER)

2 Tony Martin

3 Jerome Hamm

4 J.W. Hicks

Mens Open Midleweight

1 Randy Glass

2 Ken Brumfield

3 Michael Lumsden

4 Maitland Nance

Mens Open Lightheavyweight

1 John P. Cubit

2 Randy Hall

3 Thomas C. Bedwell, Jr.

4 James E. Johnson, Jr.

Mens Open Heavyweight

1 Luther Utz, Jr.

2 Keith A. Rissolo

3 Kevin Pleasants

4 John G. Harrington

Mens Masters Pro-Card Winner - Carlen Charleston