2004 N.G.A. Potomac Cup

Bodybuilding & Fitness Figure Championships

The 12th anniversary of this event developed into the second largest turn-out for this event. This year's event saw almost 80 athletes compete for Pro-Cards in the Masters, Fitness Figure, Open Womens, and Open Mens Divisions. The quality of the event was incredible, with athletes being squeezed out of the top 5 that would have won most shows. The Prejudging of the event was completed in two hours under the head judging of Harry Silas for the bodybuilding divisions and Tracy Sibley for the fitness figure divisions. The Finals, which started promptly at 7PM and were completed by 10:30PM, were MC'd by former Mr. World, Mr. Bill Grant, and featured an incredibly "punchy" and motivational sound system, run under the direction of Jeff Blackford of Mid Atlantic Sound. In addition, to some very tight and great athlete competition, the audience of approximately 600 was treated to the exciting guest posing of NGA Pro-Bodybuilder, Earl Snyder.

Keary Janet hit her first show, coming in symmetric and shredded, and won the Womens Novice Class (along with a 3rd place behind two Open Class winners). Brian Hairston, also in his first contest, won the overall in a very tough Novice Class. The Fitness Figure Division, which is here to stay, featured an incredible group of competitors. But when the dust cleared, the short class winner, Erica Wulk with great leg development and upper body taper, came out victorious over the tall class winner, Janet Brumbaugh. This year the Mens Masters Overall was captured by the perennial competitor, Joseph Queen. The overall Womens Open went, on muscle quality and conditioning, to the veteran Jeanny Walker, who edged out the great symmetry and hardness of Linda Carpenter. The Mens Open Division was wild, notably featuring 10 great athletes competing in the Lightheavyweight class. In the Heavyweight Division, the mass of Sherman Newton edged out the great conditioning and shape of Nick Stoyko. Ultimately, Derek Harris, the 2003 Mt. Rogers middleweight winner (169 lbs.) who is now a bonafide high quality lightheavyweight at 184 lbs., won the Pro-Card and Overall Mens Open.

Womens Novice

1 Keary Janet

2 Melissa Drinkard

3 Lee Ann Cahill

4 Tracey Hairston

5 Deb Forrester

Mens Novice Lightweight

1 Shane Cibella

2 Jerry Hicks

3 Ryan Jankowitz

4 Mike Dillow

Mens Novice Middleweight

1 David A. "Neil, Jr."

2 John Forrester

3 Ben Anderson

4 Ronald Booker

5 Ryan Dolph

Mens Novice Heavyweight

1 Brian Hairston Novice Overall - Trophy Presentation Photo with Dave Spindel and Genoveva Esquivel ('03 Womens Overall Champion)

2 Matthew West

3 Gabriel Lamptey

4 Edgar Robinson

5 Adam Wight

Womens Masters 35+

1 Jeanny Walker

2 Linda W. Carpenter

3 Keary Janet

4 Johnna Hall

5 Kristy Kraynak

Mens Masters 35+ Light Weight

1 Joseph Queen Masters Overall

2 John Forrester

3 Randy Hall

4 Mic McConnell

5 Rommel Custode

Mens Masters 35+ Heavyweight

1 David Moore

2 Keith Parks

3 James E. Johnson

4 Barry Walker

5 Gabriel Lamptey

Mens Masters 50+

1 Jerry Hicks

2 Henry C. Lancaster, Sr.

3 Jeff Wark

Mens Masters Pro Card Posedown (only Pro Card winners listed)

1 David Moore Annapolis Masters Pro-Card

2 Keith Parks Potomac Cup Masters Pro-Card

Fitness Figure Short Class

1 Erica Wulk Overall Fitness Figure & Pro-Card - Fitness Figure Class Winners Photo

2 Vanessa J. Nonneman

3 Virginia McConnell

4 Andrea D. Williamson

Fitness Figure Tall Class

1 Janet Brumbaugh

2 Danielle Maskalenko

3 Genevieve Holgate-Palmer

Womens Open Light

1 Linda W. Carpenter Best Womens Poser

2 Johnna Hall

3 Chris O'Mealey

Womens Open Middleweight

1 Jeanny Walker Overall Womens Open & Pro-Card - Overall Presentation Photo with Dave Spindel and Genoveva Esquivel ('03 Womens Overall Champion)

2 Kristy Kraynak

3 Joanne Gallo

Womens Open Heavyweight

1 Lisa W. Hamm

2 Beth Weber

Mens Open Lightweight

1 Anthony Blake

2 Michael Blackson

Mens Open Middleweight

1 Joseph Queen

2 Brian Perdue

3 Jerome Hamm

Mens Open Lightheavyweight

1 Derek Harris Overall Mens Open & Pro-Card - Overall Presentation Photo with Dave Spindel

2 Ken Bookhamer

3 Matt Petrarca

4 Donald Wells Best Male Poser

5 Khadir Richie

Mens Open Heavyweight

1 Sherman Newton

2 Nick Stoyko

3 Kenton Simmons

4 David Moore

5 Cedric Teamer