2005 N.G.A. Potomac Cup Drug Free

Bodybuilding and Fitness Figure Championships

The 14th annual running of the Potomac Cup lived up to its reputation as one of the largest and toughest drug free events in the country. This years event viewed by almost 600 spectators, saw 85 competitors compete at its former site, Gar-Field H.S., in Woodbridge, VA. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening finals was former Mr. World and Mr. America, Bill Grant. As is the norm in all shows promoted by Dave Spindel, N.G.A. Mid Atlantic Regional Chairman, the Prejudging started promptly at its posted start time of 12:30PM and was completed by 2:35PM, and the finals (in which all athletes posed) started on time at 7PM and was completed by 10:20PM. The competition at this year's event was fierce with class winners from prior shows finishing lower in the standings. The Mens Novice Class Overall was taken by newcomer Joseph Buabeng who shows great potential for future open class events. Keith Parks, who brought up his competitive weight by 10 lbs. and with lower bodyfat, took the Mens Masters Overall. Kris Shanahan improved on her great conditioning and incredible symmetry at the Potomac Cup, but lost to Linda Carpenter in the Womens Open Overall. Linda, at 49 yrs. of age, has won every other show that she has competed in except the Potomac Cup. But, this year was hers with great symmetry and muscle coupled with "freaky" hardness. The Mens Open Overall saw doctoral student from VA Tech, Brian Whitacre, bring some of the best overall conditioning and shape to the stage in recent memory. In a great pose down against extremely high quality class winners, Brian earned his Pro Card. The Fitness Figure competition matched up extremely well with the Bodybuilding event, in that the quality of the competitors was extremely high across the classes which were at record levels for this event. The finals for this saw Tiffany Procopio compete against Lisa Jackson in the overalls, both took conditioning to the edge of the Fitness Figure division with great presentation, but when the dust cleared, Tiffany won the overall.

Womens Novice

1 Michele Renee Fadeley

2 Janelle Hermon

3 Elvia Hembrey

4 Debora A. Forrester

5 Linda George

Mens Novice Lightwt.

1 Rocky Shearin

2 Alfred Thompson

3 Jason D. Hansmann

4 Ryan Jankowitz

5 Derik W. Heymann

Mens Novice Middlewt.

1 Mic McConnell

2 Shane Cibella

3 David A. Neil, Jr.

4 Robert Williams MALE BEST POSER

5 Joe Goll

Mens Novice Heavywt.

1 Joseph Buabeng NOVICE OVERALL - Trophy Photo of Novice Overall Winner

2 Patrick McNiff

3 Matthew West

4 Michael Prelewicz

5 Andre Archibald

Womens Masters 35+

1 Kris Shanahan - Trophy Photo of Masters Winner (also Open Middleweight Champ)

2 Patricia Riley

3 Joanne Gallo

4 Lauren Greenberg

5 Kim Ryman

Mens Masters 35+ Lightwt.

1 Joey Queen

2 Shawn Madden

3 Rocky Shearin

4 Mic McConnell

5 Terry R. Riley

Mens Masters 35+ Heavywt.

1 Keith Parks

2 Rommel Custode

3 John Forrester

4 Rick Lum

Mens Masters 50+

1 Stan Gorman

Womens Open Lightwt.

1 Linda W. Carpenter WOMENS OPEN OVERALL & PRO-CARD - - Overall Trophy Presentation with Dave

2 Kim Ryman

Women Open Middlewt.


2 Joanne Gallo

3 Kim Waggoner

4 Christine O'Mealey

Womens Open Heavywt.

1 Patricia Riley

2 Lauren Greenberg

3 Kelly Harper

Mens Open Lightwt.

1 Randy Landrum

2 Shawn Madden

Mens Open Middlewt.

1 Brain Whitacre MENS OPEN OVERALL & PRO-CARD - Overall Trophy Presentation with Dave

Trophy Photo of Mens Open Overall Winner

2 Ken Brumfield

3 Joey Queen

4 Rommel Custode

Mens Open Lightheavywt.

1 Greg Matlock

2 Dave Capwell

3 Dave Jenkins

4 Keith Parks

Mens Open Heavywt.

1 Thomas Bonds

2 Nick Stoyko

3 Jim Collins

4 Mike Shubert

5 Sherman Newton

Fitness Figure - Short - Trophy Photo of Fitness Figure Short Class

1 Tiffany Procopio OVERALL FITNESS FIGURE & PRO-CARD - Trophy Presentation with Dave of Fitness Figure Champion

2 Jessica Holt

3 Marie Allen

4 Katrina Roundtree

5 Lourdes Ortiz

Fitness Figure - Tall - Trophy Photo of Fitness Figure Tall Class

1 Lisa Jackson

2 Pamela Lehmann

3 Tracey A. Martin

4 Genevieve Holgate-Palmer

5 Cindy Henry

Overall Mens Masters - Keith Parks

Mens Masters Pro Card - Rocky Shearin